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Our Mission is to provide an encouraging environment in which creative individuals of any age can collaborate and cooperate in order to create quality theatrical productions.  Through group effort and a positive mindset, we strive to assist actors, designers, and artists alike in developing their talents and in doing so bring back the true meaning of the word “play” in “players”, improve the artistic culture in the Nashville areas, and enrich the lives of all artists and all audiences.



             The thing that makes CoPlayers special is not just the incredible effort that is put into the production quality, but the incredible effort that is put into making the cast, crew, and production staff feel comfortable, and good about their work. Our focus is P.R.O.: positivity, respect, and organization. We want everyone to have a great time as they're learning working on a production.

        CoPlayers is also a great learning environment. Whether you are a drama student wanting to set design, or a seasoned professional, CoPlayers is a great place to work. We have had many types come through our doors: the community theatre designer, the Broadway performer, the newbie, the regional professional! CoPlayers is a melting pot of opportunities.

        Often we artists get so lost in the process that we forget to sit back, breathe, and enjoy the art. We forget to work with each other as a team! The stage is a playground, and it's the artist's job to figure out how we should use it. At CoPlayers, we keep all of that in mind. And what's great about it is that at the same time, we keep everything organized and moving, and dare I say most importantly, positive. We lift each other up, we work together, and we help each other out. An art this intimate deserves nothing less.    



Easton Curtis


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